Friday, November 03, 2006

Greeting Cheers

We are the Mustang Midgets
Here to say Hello
Green Gold and White
Lets Go
Were psyched and were ready
To be on the top
And dont even try it
Cause you know we cant be stopped
Now we send in closing
The best of luck to you
The Stangs are Number 1
and well prove it to you !

We're the mustangs and we say hello
From...(then say your name down the line)
We're the mustangs and say hello

It's time to get started
It's time to begin
Good Luck, Tigers!
May the best team ( pause ) win!

We're ready to start
We're ready to go
But first we'd like to say hello
From (then you can go down the line of cheerleaders)

West Side Bears
Are here to say,
Hello to you and good luck today!
Good luck from the Bears
(xx) Oh yes!

H-E-L-L-O from JPWC wildcats
We wish you luck
from...(girls say names)
Lets go!
Wildcats lets do it
You've got to prove it
Fire up win

READY(nod) LET'S DO IT (clap)
Welcome (pause) cheerleaders
From W*H*S
The knights came over here
to wish you the best
The black and gold are ready
Ready to fight!
Good Luck Warriors

Oh yes our team is the best (x x)
(repeat 3 times)
(girls say names)
Jersey Pine Wildcats say hello
hello (x x) hello (x x)

Hey, Hey, we're here to say hello and good luck!
We're here to cheer for the (mascot)
The red black and white!
We welcome you to CJHS
And wish you the best ! YES!

Hey Cougars! (X)
Are you ready!?!(X)
GO! GO! Get ready fight tough!!!
Keep it going green team! (X_X)
Keep it going!
Cougars! (X) GET READY!

Bishop Grimes Varsity
Is here to welcome you
Watch out for the colors of the white and the blue.
We wish you luck throughout the game.
Bishop Grimes is glad you came.
Good Luck!

1, 2, 3, 4
The Cobras are back!
We're here to say hello!
Big blue is fired up,
Let your spirit show!
Wildcats step aside,
Here comes Cobra pride!
Get ready for a challenge,
Football (or basketball) is the test.
The Cobra team is BG's best
Good Luck to you!

Hey, let's go
Let's give a big hello!
We're here to say enjoy your day,
From...(go down the line, say your name and do a jump or whatever you want.)

Ready! (x)
Hello eagles
We wish you the best,
good luck and play hard from F.H.S!

Good Luck Knights
From F.H.S
We're here to say hello
and wish you the best.
The SkyHawk team is here
and we won't give in,
The SkyHawks are here
and we're here (pause) to win!

Here we go
Green Black and White!
H-W-C , WOW!
(dutchmen slap) We're ready to fight
Come on fight team fight yell it fight team fight
H-E-double -L-O
hopatcong says hello! YEAH!!!!!!!

H E L L O! The bandits say hello! With spirit and pride the Bandit team says hi!

The Mustangs, are back
and better than before
you thought, you've seen the best
we're here to show you more
the blue, gold, and white,
the colors that you fear
The Mount Markham Mustangs
We wish you luck .... this year!!

General Cheers

NEW as of 9/22/2006 -------

Spartans (PAUSE) let's fight tonight
Beat those (PAUSE) Knights down right
Spartans (PAUSE) Beat those Knights
Spartans (PAUSE) Let's WIN this fight

Mustang Power getting stronger by the hour
Move it down the field MOve it down the field
Mustang Power getting stronger by the hour
Move it down the field Move it down the field
Let's Go mustangs (PAUSE) Move that Ball
Let's Go mustangs (PAUSE) Move that Ball

We are the Vikings, the mighty mighty vikings
Stomp the Cats once more
Stomp the Cats once more
We are the Vikings, the mighty mighty vikings
Go ahead and check the score
Go ahead and check the score

L H S (PAUSE) let's hear it fans we are the best
Beat those hornets (PAUSE) let's hear it fans we'll beat the rest
L H S (PAUSE) BEAT those Hornets
L H S (PAUSE) BEAT those Hornets

Common Crowd (PAUSE) shout it LOUD
Tell the TEAM they make us proud
Let's Go Raiders (Pause) LEt's Go Raiders
Common Crowd (PAUSE) shout it LOUD
Tell the TEAM they make us proud
Crush the Birds (Pause) Crush the Birds
Let's Go Raiders (Pause) Crush the Birds
Let's Go Raiders (Pause) Crush the Birds

NEW as of 9/07/2006 -------

G (clap) O Let's Go L H S
G (clap) O Let's Go Beat those CATS
L H S Beat THose CATS
L H S Beat THose CATS

Let's Fight (clap) We'll WIN tonight
Bear fans up in the stands YELL
Let's GO CATS --last time--

Common FANS let's yell it loud
Bring the noise up in the CROWD
D D Defense
D D Defense
Common FANS let's yell it loud
Bring the noise up in the CROWD
Hold the line
Hold the line

Here we go (clap) (clap) Cougars (clap) (clap)
Beat those (clap) (clap) Dolphins (clap) (clap)
Let's Go Cougars (clap) (clap)
Beat those Dophins (clap) (clap)

Raise the roof Let's go Let's go
Raise the roof Let's score 1 more
Panthers (PAUSE) let's go let's go
Raise the roof once more

We're too hot to handle there is no doubt.
We're too hot to handle for we'll knock you out!

D-i-g-i-t - dig it (clap clap)
That's the way fan
Love it, you can't stop it
We're to the top, we rock it!

Get fired up to win (stomp twice),
HEY let's begin
Show 'em what we got (clap once)
We got a lot!

We're truckin' through for the victory
Truck through for the victory hey!

Hey lions are you there?
Put your hands up in the air
Walk like lions
Talk like lions
We are the best
Yeah, we are the best!

How about,
How about,
How about a color shout?
crimson, crimson
gold, gold, gold, gold, gold , gold, gold,
crimson, crimson
gold, gold, gold, gold, gold , gold, gold!
*repeat cheer several times and get crowd involved by shaking the same colored pom that you are yelling.

Here we go
All clap it out {clap clap}
Fans {clap clap}in the stands {clap clap}
yell red, black and white {clap clap}
Red black and white
fans (clap clap) in the stands (clap clap)
Yell fight Ponies fight (clap clap)
Fight, Ponies, fight(clap clap)
Red, black and white(clap clap)
Fight, Ponies, fight!
(now sprit)

We are the warriors,
can`t be beat
We will knock you off feet
We will,
We will rock you, rock you
We will,
We will sock you, sock you!

Front to back
Left to right
Come on Knights
Fight, fight, fight!(throw your fist up)

(teamname)are number 1
(teamname)are going to have some fun
(teamname)let me hear you scream
(teamname just can't be beat

Get up all you Colts fans [clap 5 times]
Now say it with us
Come on, go
You know we're number 1 [clap 5 times]
toe touch splits

Watch out, we're here!
Everybody stand clear!
Let's shout, let's cheer!
Our victory is near!
Lions! L-I-O-N-S!
That's our name; we are the best!
Yes! Lions are the best!
Lions are the best!
We're in control!
Lions can't be beat!
Victory how sweet!

They got the ball
We want the ball
So take it away

Get a touchdown
Stop the clock
Gotta get down (clap)

Clap your hands (clap hands three times)
Stomp your feet(stomp feet three times)
Clap your hands (clap your hands three times)
Stomp your feet(stomp your feet three times)
We're the Hawks that can't be beat!
(repeat as many times as you want)

I'm a Cougar from Cougar town
and only a Cougar can knock me down
If you don't like my apples,
don't shake my tree
'cause I'm a Cougar
Don't mess with me!

Yell for the (name of your team)
We can't be beat
So watch out (your opponent)
We'll knock you off your feet!

Sit in the car
Press on the gas
Move aside
Let the Panthers (your team) pass! repeat x3

Touch down boys, one more time!
Over the line
Over the line
Touch down boys, one more time! Repeat 3 Times

Shake, shake, shake
What you got
Everyone yell -
Maroon, gray, and white
Repeat 1x
Come on (your team) let's get ready to fight!

You might be good at basketball
You might be good at track,
but when it comes to football
You might as well step back
you might as well step back!

We're number 1, not 2, not 3 not 4
We're gonna win, not lose, not tie the score
We're on the top, not bottom, not in between
We're the Jaguar girls and we're really mean!

Got that rhythm feelin fine
Let your body rock *snap snap*
Let your feet keep time *stomp stomp stomp*

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
hate to beat you, but we must
when you're up, you're up
when you're down, you're down
when you're messing with the (your mascot)
you're up (clap clap) side(clap clap) down (clap clap)
up side down!

(mascot) take the floor
(your school colors)the team you can't ignore
We'll win tonight (mascot)!

First I said purple (clap 3 times)
Then I said black (clap 2 times)
Now I said white (1 clap)
Panthers yeah, Panthers let's fight!

S-U-P (pause) E-R
Super that is what we are
Super (stomp twice) yeah uh huh!

Hey Bears S-C-O-R-E!
Score, Bears, score (REPEAT 3X'S and the 3rd time get loud on score bears score)!

I am a mighty RAM from mighty town
It takes a mighty RAM to knock me down
If you don't like my apples, then don't shake my tree
I'm a MIGHTY MIGHTY RAM so what?
Don't mess with me!

Are you ready?
ready for the best
Thirkell #1
oh yeah nothing less
Going to the top,
we can't be stopped.
Let's go girls
yell blue (blue)
yell gold (gold)
yell white (white)
Thirkell Jaguars (oh yeah) let's fight
Can you feel it (WHAT)
feel the heat
blue, gold, and white
how sweet
With spirit and spark we steal the show
Gotta go

R-E-D-H-O-T what do we got (clap clap)
We gotta lot (clap-clap)
we gotta team that's REDHOT!

Yell for the (name of your team)
We can't be beat
So watch out (your opponent)
We'll knock you off your feet!

Come on crowd get ready
'cus we have just begun
to prove to you once again
why we are number (jump) 1
(team color) is our strength
and (team color)is our spirit(show spirit)
(team color)is our power
Gget on your feet, let's hear it!
team colors-fight!
team colors-win!
Put it all together you get
Go, fight, win!
Go, fight, win!

General Chants

Come on crowd yell LHS, L-H-S X


Viking fans yell BHS, B H S X

ISU X Let's Go Birds X

Go X X R H S

G-O, go, go come on cats let's go X

Go, let's fight, victory tonight X

Go Wildcats, let's go XXXX, fight Wildcats let's fight, XXXX, win

Wildcats let's win, XXX, go let's go fight win!

Go Go Go, Wildcats go XXX

Go purple xx go Gold xx Go Purple, Go Gold OHHS X

Go G-O, Go Cats Go

Go XXX Move that Ball!

NEW sidelines - 7/12/2006
HEy Redbirds Yell I S U

"G" "O" Go hawkeyes Go X X X

Lets Go Buckeyes X X XXX

Goooooo illinois State XX

Hornets let's fight X Win tonight X

Here we go mustangs here we go X X

CAts let's go let's go X X X

Knights let's do IT X Fight your way through it!

"L" "H" "S" Let's go let's go X

"P" "HS" X We're the Best X

Offensive Chants


First and ten ,yell go, fight, win X

Touch D O W N , touchdown, let's win X

Touchdown X Wildcats We want 6 XXX

First and Ten Get to It,Wildcats Just Do It

TD XX TD XX Wildcats want a touchdown XX

Touchdown X Wildcat Team Down the field, Let's go TD

Move the ball, X down the field. Move the ball, Let's Score

Touch X Down XX We want It X We Want It!

T-O-U-C-H D-O-W-N touchdown by the Indians Go, Fight, Win!

Touch-down, move in let's score

Touch-down, move in let's score

T-o-u-c-h, D-o-w-n, Touch down right now, Touchdown right now hey

We, we want a touchdown X Trojans X

Six points over the line, Middies offense lookin' fine!

T-O-U-C-H-D-O-W-N, Touchdown Thunder go x, Go Fight Win

T-D we want a x TOUCHDOWN

FIRST and ten, do it again GO GO!!

We, we want, a touchdown Cougars


All the Way, down the court, Go xxxx Go xxxx

Offense, we're on the move, Turn it Loose, Lets Go!

Raise that score xx 6 more!

Offense, we're on the move, turn it loose let's go! GO!

Take it to the hoop xx and score, two more

That's it! S-- C--O--R--E, C'mon Falcons, let's Score

Pass it, Catch it, Score for 6, Do it Falcons, That's it!

Victory let's do it X come on team XX let's score.

Dribble, Pass, Put it through, C'mon,Eagles! (clap,clap) Shoot two!

The key is open, the hoop is hot, make that shot

Fire it up, Fire it up, Fire it up offense

Shoot 2 for the basket 'cause Chargers wanna win

Come on Wolves you can do it, M-O-V-E move it!

O-F-F-E-N-S-E, offense Eagles, go big green

Basket x Basket, we want two xxx

O-OF-OFF-OFFENSE, offense *Wildcats *offense

Fire it up, Fire it up, Fire it up offense

The key is open, the hoop is hot, make that shot

Take-that-ball-to-the-hoop-hoop, Dribble it, Shoot shoot

Do it like the army does, shoot it, shoot it. Do it like the navy does, Sink it!

To the hoop 2, to the hoop 2, Take that ball and put it through.

B-A-S K-E-T, basket for 3! Let's GO!

K-E-E-P, Keep that ball from the other team!

Hey Tigers, grant our wish... All we wanna hear is a swish!

Run, Run, Run the floor, Raise, Raise, Raise the Score Run the floor, Raise the Score 2 points more!

Two, two we want two, (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap), Set it up and put it through

Offense get hot, make that shot!

Down, down, down the floor, Raise, raise, raise the score,

Down the floor, raise the score, Two points more!

O-F-F-E-N-S-E, Offense Wolverines Offense

Move it on down, Move it on down, Move it on down, For a touchdown

Down the field, Down the field, Score 6!! (XXXX)

Dribble, dribble, dribble goes the basketball (stomp,stomp, stomp) Goes the cougars feet, Swish, swish, swish goes the net, Swish, swish, swish goes the net, And the Cougars have got you beat!

Touch- down, Bulldogs we want 6 more!

O**FF**EN*S*E Offense!

Score 6 (2) again, We want to win, Steelers, score 6 (2)!

Defense, push'em hit'em, Nock'em back

Shoot two, shoot two, Come on Raiders and shoot two!

S-C-O-R-E, Score for two!

Basket Tigers * * score two

Shoot shoot for two two * * **

Dribble, dribble, Shoot, shoot, Take that ball to the, Hoop hoop

Tear it up, Bulldogs, Off-ense score, Six points more

Truckers x take it to the hoop xxx

We want it up, we want it in,, We want it up and through the rim!

O-ff-en-se, GO! (3X)

Move that ball, On down the field, Score six more

Dribble it, pass it, We want a basket

On the line with the ball, Pressure, pressure
Shoot shoot, Don't miss miss, Come on Kyle, Let's hear that swish

B-b-b-a-s-, K-k-k-e-t, b-a-s, k-e-t, we want, xx Two!

Shoot 2 shoot 2, Put it up and SLAM it through

Dribble, Pass it, We want a basket!

Sink it four, Sink it two, Sink it number forty two! Sink it...

Take that ball, Down the court, Shoot for 2 and raise the score

Shoot, shoot for 2..., Put it through the hoop

First x and ten x Do it again, FIRST AND TEN

Let's score (p), Score Bulldogs, Six more

Defense Chants

General Defense Chants

Defense xx defense x tighten up that line

De-fense, Get tough, get tough, Defense get tough.

Hold 'em defense hold 'em defense x Go Big Red

Sack that quarterback, crash through that line

Defense attack x get it back xx

Tighten up that defense line, yell hold x that x line!

D x e-f x e-n-s-e Defense!

Jump, jump, get it, get it, rebound that ball

Defense, Defense, Hold that line!

A-T-T-A-C-K the Eagles are back, A-T-T-A-C-K they're leading the pack, A-T-T-A-C-K, attack attack attack

Block 'em, Guard 'em, don't let 'em shoot

Put on the pressure, defense (or offense or school mascot) attack

Hit 'em again, Hit 'em again, defense dig in

Defense, xx xx HEY Defense xx xx Hey defense take that ball away xx xx, I said now take that ball away! xx

Push 'um back, hit 'um hard, Make 'um fight for every yard

Push 'em hard, drag 'em back, don't cut any slack!

D-De-Def-Defense, Defense, Wildcats Defense

S-T-E-A-L Steal that ball away

Knock 'em down roll 'em around common defense work x WORK!!

Hold that line, Hold that line, Cougars!

Hey Warriors, Step on that line, You've got to snap, Jump back and sack the quarterback

Hit 'em again, Hit 'em again, defense dig in

Put on the pressure, defense (or offense or school mascot) attack

Defense attack, Rebels fight back

Defense Defense Hold Tight.. Defense Defense Fight!

Defense get hot, block that shot!

D-E-F-E-N-S-E, Defense, its time to move!

Tip it, tip it, Our way, Tip it, tip it, Our way,

T-A-K-E, Take that ball away

Defense, defense, Get it, get it

Defense get tough, Get tough get tough, You gotta get tough,

Sack that quarterback, Defense let's go

Knock'um sock'um rock'um block'um, Go Eagles Go.....

H-O-L-D, Hold those Tigers!

D-E **, F-E **, N*S*E* **

D-E-F-E-N-S-E, Defense for a victory

Toughen up, Big D Big D, Toughen up, Big D

Defense hold tight, Defense let's fight

Defense get that ball Go, Defense get that ball Fight, Defense get that ball Win, GO, FIGHT, WIN

Defense defense, get tough!

D-E-F-E-N-S-E, Defense, D-E-F-E-N-S-E, Tighten up that line BIG D!!

M-O-V-E, MOVE that ball

D**EF**EN*S*E Defense!

How about some defense, How about some defense, How about some d-e-f-e-n-s-e Come ON!

Explode, Ignite, Defense let's fight!

M-I-S-S-I-T, Miss it for me baby, Miss it XXXX miss it

Push em back, Push em back, Go big blue!

Guard 'em guard 'em, Never let 'em shot

It's time to take it away, TAKE IT A-WAY

Defense take it away, Get that ball x

Defense become the offense x, Get that ball

Deeeeefense, Come on Viks let's go!