Friday, November 03, 2006

Greeting Cheers

We are the Mustang Midgets
Here to say Hello
Green Gold and White
Lets Go
Were psyched and were ready
To be on the top
And dont even try it
Cause you know we cant be stopped
Now we send in closing
The best of luck to you
The Stangs are Number 1
and well prove it to you !

We're the mustangs and we say hello
From...(then say your name down the line)
We're the mustangs and say hello

It's time to get started
It's time to begin
Good Luck, Tigers!
May the best team ( pause ) win!

We're ready to start
We're ready to go
But first we'd like to say hello
From (then you can go down the line of cheerleaders)

West Side Bears
Are here to say,
Hello to you and good luck today!
Good luck from the Bears
(xx) Oh yes!

H-E-L-L-O from JPWC wildcats
We wish you luck
from...(girls say names)
Lets go!
Wildcats lets do it
You've got to prove it
Fire up win

READY(nod) LET'S DO IT (clap)
Welcome (pause) cheerleaders
From W*H*S
The knights came over here
to wish you the best
The black and gold are ready
Ready to fight!
Good Luck Warriors

Oh yes our team is the best (x x)
(repeat 3 times)
(girls say names)
Jersey Pine Wildcats say hello
hello (x x) hello (x x)

Hey, Hey, we're here to say hello and good luck!
We're here to cheer for the (mascot)
The red black and white!
We welcome you to CJHS
And wish you the best ! YES!

Hey Cougars! (X)
Are you ready!?!(X)
GO! GO! Get ready fight tough!!!
Keep it going green team! (X_X)
Keep it going!
Cougars! (X) GET READY!

Bishop Grimes Varsity
Is here to welcome you
Watch out for the colors of the white and the blue.
We wish you luck throughout the game.
Bishop Grimes is glad you came.
Good Luck!

1, 2, 3, 4
The Cobras are back!
We're here to say hello!
Big blue is fired up,
Let your spirit show!
Wildcats step aside,
Here comes Cobra pride!
Get ready for a challenge,
Football (or basketball) is the test.
The Cobra team is BG's best
Good Luck to you!

Hey, let's go
Let's give a big hello!
We're here to say enjoy your day,
From...(go down the line, say your name and do a jump or whatever you want.)

Ready! (x)
Hello eagles
We wish you the best,
good luck and play hard from F.H.S!

Good Luck Knights
From F.H.S
We're here to say hello
and wish you the best.
The SkyHawk team is here
and we won't give in,
The SkyHawks are here
and we're here (pause) to win!

Here we go
Green Black and White!
H-W-C , WOW!
(dutchmen slap) We're ready to fight
Come on fight team fight yell it fight team fight
H-E-double -L-O
hopatcong says hello! YEAH!!!!!!!

H E L L O! The bandits say hello! With spirit and pride the Bandit team says hi!

The Mustangs, are back
and better than before
you thought, you've seen the best
we're here to show you more
the blue, gold, and white,
the colors that you fear
The Mount Markham Mustangs
We wish you luck .... this year!!


At 8:35 PM, Blogger cassidy said...

hey im ten and i was going to do a cheer called lemonade crushedice so here i go it goes lemonade(clap clap)crushed ice(clap clap) beat'em once(clap clap) beat'em twice(clap clap) beat'em at the bottem beat'em at the top beat'em in the middle and watch them flop and when they flop they flop back and they fall into your arms

At 6:53 PM, Blogger cheerleader said...

Hey we are the eagles yea u know u wish say now all of get up on it

At 2:02 PM, Blogger Kya Alfonso said...

Hey I'm a cheerleader am have been for 6 years. All other cheers are stupid here's a great one
Big red. Let's here it. Come on fans lets cheer! We are the team, that is the best, shout it out, yell FRF! FRF come on FRF last TIME !

At 3:25 PM, Blogger Alexia Jacobson said...

I love that one!! Its my favorite. What is your favorite cheer shoe brand to wear?

At 3:26 PM, Blogger Alexia Jacobson said...

Right now I wear Kaepa Shoes

At 4:21 PM, Blogger bubblegum casting said...

what is the best brand out there?

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At 12:58 AM, Blogger Manella Seng said...

cheer leading was once my younger-days dreams, unfortunately was forced to focus more on academics, so what i usually do is stay behind the gym to watch practices and I always left in awe on how they made good cheers like this, even to this very not so-younger-years of mine :)

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