Friday, November 03, 2006

Offensive Chants


First and ten ,yell go, fight, win X

Touch D O W N , touchdown, let's win X

Touchdown X Wildcats We want 6 XXX

First and Ten Get to It,Wildcats Just Do It

TD XX TD XX Wildcats want a touchdown XX

Touchdown X Wildcat Team Down the field, Let's go TD

Move the ball, X down the field. Move the ball, Let's Score

Touch X Down XX We want It X We Want It!

T-O-U-C-H D-O-W-N touchdown by the Indians Go, Fight, Win!

Touch-down, move in let's score

Touch-down, move in let's score

T-o-u-c-h, D-o-w-n, Touch down right now, Touchdown right now hey

We, we want a touchdown X Trojans X

Six points over the line, Middies offense lookin' fine!

T-O-U-C-H-D-O-W-N, Touchdown Thunder go x, Go Fight Win

T-D we want a x TOUCHDOWN

FIRST and ten, do it again GO GO!!

We, we want, a touchdown Cougars


All the Way, down the court, Go xxxx Go xxxx

Offense, we're on the move, Turn it Loose, Lets Go!

Raise that score xx 6 more!

Offense, we're on the move, turn it loose let's go! GO!

Take it to the hoop xx and score, two more

That's it! S-- C--O--R--E, C'mon Falcons, let's Score

Pass it, Catch it, Score for 6, Do it Falcons, That's it!

Victory let's do it X come on team XX let's score.

Dribble, Pass, Put it through, C'mon,Eagles! (clap,clap) Shoot two!

The key is open, the hoop is hot, make that shot

Fire it up, Fire it up, Fire it up offense

Shoot 2 for the basket 'cause Chargers wanna win

Come on Wolves you can do it, M-O-V-E move it!

O-F-F-E-N-S-E, offense Eagles, go big green

Basket x Basket, we want two xxx

O-OF-OFF-OFFENSE, offense *Wildcats *offense

Fire it up, Fire it up, Fire it up offense

The key is open, the hoop is hot, make that shot

Take-that-ball-to-the-hoop-hoop, Dribble it, Shoot shoot

Do it like the army does, shoot it, shoot it. Do it like the navy does, Sink it!

To the hoop 2, to the hoop 2, Take that ball and put it through.

B-A-S K-E-T, basket for 3! Let's GO!

K-E-E-P, Keep that ball from the other team!

Hey Tigers, grant our wish... All we wanna hear is a swish!

Run, Run, Run the floor, Raise, Raise, Raise the Score Run the floor, Raise the Score 2 points more!

Two, two we want two, (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap), Set it up and put it through

Offense get hot, make that shot!

Down, down, down the floor, Raise, raise, raise the score,

Down the floor, raise the score, Two points more!

O-F-F-E-N-S-E, Offense Wolverines Offense

Move it on down, Move it on down, Move it on down, For a touchdown

Down the field, Down the field, Score 6!! (XXXX)

Dribble, dribble, dribble goes the basketball (stomp,stomp, stomp) Goes the cougars feet, Swish, swish, swish goes the net, Swish, swish, swish goes the net, And the Cougars have got you beat!

Touch- down, Bulldogs we want 6 more!

O**FF**EN*S*E Offense!

Score 6 (2) again, We want to win, Steelers, score 6 (2)!

Defense, push'em hit'em, Nock'em back

Shoot two, shoot two, Come on Raiders and shoot two!

S-C-O-R-E, Score for two!

Basket Tigers * * score two

Shoot shoot for two two * * **

Dribble, dribble, Shoot, shoot, Take that ball to the, Hoop hoop

Tear it up, Bulldogs, Off-ense score, Six points more

Truckers x take it to the hoop xxx

We want it up, we want it in,, We want it up and through the rim!

O-ff-en-se, GO! (3X)

Move that ball, On down the field, Score six more

Dribble it, pass it, We want a basket

On the line with the ball, Pressure, pressure
Shoot shoot, Don't miss miss, Come on Kyle, Let's hear that swish

B-b-b-a-s-, K-k-k-e-t, b-a-s, k-e-t, we want, xx Two!

Shoot 2 shoot 2, Put it up and SLAM it through

Dribble, Pass it, We want a basket!

Sink it four, Sink it two, Sink it number forty two! Sink it...

Take that ball, Down the court, Shoot for 2 and raise the score

Shoot, shoot for 2..., Put it through the hoop

First x and ten x Do it again, FIRST AND TEN

Let's score (p), Score Bulldogs, Six more


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